Hard times require furious dancing.
— Alice Walker


Keziah has always been a performer and made a truly spectacular debut in 1993, lasting 73 hours total and hailing reviews such as "she looks a little yellow" and "cries incessantly, but otherwise quite cute". At age 3 she would frequently interrupt people in local supermarkets in order to share an impromptu dance or song, much to her parents amusement.

Keziah's supermarket etiquette has since improved, however she still firmly believes that her parent's kitchen is her own personal studio. Sadly her Dad's jokes about not actually tap dancing on the sink remains a regular occurrence. Keziah also still particularly enjoys dancing in her Mumma's shoes. Keziah's boyfriend is incredibly patient.

Many years have passed and Keziah has honed her skills at performing arts schools and university (and has the student loan bills to prove it!!!) and is enjoying building her career as an artist and facilitator. 



Keziah specialises in inclusive and community dance/ theatre with a determination to make the Arts accessible for all. 

Keziah has experience in many genres of performance, her passion for contemporary dance was nurtured by Marie-Louise Flexen, as a member of  Gloucestershire Dance Youth Company. In 2011 (aged 16) she was approached by Filmmakers Aaron Buckley and Jess Taylor to choreograph and perform in their screen dance 'The Ferryman'. 

Since graduating from Bath Spa university in 2016 with a BA (HONS) in Dance, Keziah has worked with many acclaimed Arts Oganisations across the UK. Keziah interned for Strike-A-Light Festival and supported artists such as 'Avant Garde' , 'Dan Canham' and 'ACE Dance and Music'. As an 'Unexpected Leader' for Diverse City, she developed her skills and passion for inclusive practice. Most recently, Keziah has been a member of Matthew Bourne's 'New Adventures'. Overture cohort 2017-'18, developing her skills as a community dance artist. 

Keziah currently teaches across the South West and has a 'come as you are' policy. Uniform is not a requirement, all shapes, sizes, abilities and backgrounds are welcome. Keziah hopes to share her joy and excitement for performance with everyone she meets and encourages you to check out her classes, upcoming events and other available offers.